I’ve always combined a macro-level interest in the bigger picture with a microscopic attention to detail. Joining the immersive UX/UI programme at DESIGNATION was a natural progression on a journey that took me from the libraries of the University of Oxford to the Florence Adacemy of Art. This past education honed my ability to efficiently execute projects from start to finish, and refined my uncompromising attention to detail. It was during my time in Copenhagen, however, that the absolute importance of user-centered design was made manifest to me. This personal experience of intuitive and unobtrusive design deeply impressed me, and combined with my passion for psychology and tech. I am keen to apply my training and experience in UX/UI design to problems that provide elegant, invisible solutions for users.

My approach? I conduct extensive research to truly know and empathize with users before using design thinking to ideate, test, and then iterate as many times as possible. I believe my diverse range of skills and experience together with my innate curiosity and drive for perfection make me the kind of enthusiastic problem solver you need on your team.


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